We will help you assess your psychological health.

GPII’s psychological assessment service is a method of testing that combines various techniques to attain some hypotheses about an individual’s behavior, personality, and abilities. At our clinic, our psychological testing service is always performed by our licensed psychologist since it is the only profession that is allowed to perform this assessment on another individual.

We seek to take the information we collected from the psychological assessments and turn it into a complete observation of the individual being assessed. Our recommendations will be all based on all of the results we have collected. Aside from that, we also take information from the individual’s friends, family, and people they are acquainted with so that they may help shed light on the individual’s behavior in different settings.

Whenever we find discrepancies in his or her results, this will be our basis on making sure that the individual we assessed will be properly treated. Our team will make sure that our assessment and diagnoses will be used properly to help make the lives of those we serve better.

So, whenever you feel overwhelming emotions that you cannot handle yourself, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at GPII. If you need our expertise on this matter, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We will be more than glad to serve you.